Australian Expat Loans

Over the last four years, the Australian regulators have gradually increased the level of restriction for Australian expats. The high levels of restriction we see today are a result of the regulators’ actions to control the influx of foreign investments into residential property and minimising money laundering risk.

At Mynt Financial we make it our duty to speak to over 50 different Australian lenders and review thousands of products to ensure that not only can you secure that mortgage as a Australian expat but also provide you with a loan that is right for you and your individual circumstance.

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Which lenders offer mortgages for Australian expats?

When reviewing your particular needs for an ex-pat loan we will likely review the following. Including but not limited to:
  • ANZ. One of Australia’s Big Four
  • HSBC. An international bank
  • UNO. An online lender may accept applications if you live abroad
  • Specialist lenders. These lenders are smaller and can have flexible policies for ex-pats
To know which one best suits your needs and offers the most competitive interest rate please get in touch with one of our Melbourne Mortgage and Home Loan Brokers here.