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Maternity Leave Loans

You’re on/or plan to be on Maternity leave… and the bank has said you won’t qualify until you return to work. What are your options?

Mynt Financial has access to a handful of lenders who have flexible home loan policies and will consider your return-to-work income for applicants on maternity leave at the time of making an application.


When banks consider lending for maternity leave they generally take into consideration the length of time until you return to work (1 year can be allowed but 6 months – 18 weeks is more favourable).  They also consider your ability to cover the loan repayments using:

Savings to access during this time

Equity you have in your home

Government/ maternity leave benefits you will receive during this time

Loving mom carying of her newborn baby at home

When we submit your application taking into consideration your maternity leave, we will request you to provide:

The last three payslips you received before beginning your leave.

A letter from your employer outlining your return date and expected return conditions (returning as full-time, part-time, or casually).

The mortgage experts at Mynt Financial can make this process a breeze by finding a loan with a competitive interest rate, allowing you more time to spend with your baby and saving you money.

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