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There are three main reasons people invest in property.

Capital growth is the increase in value of your home

Rental & investment yield is how much profit you make from rent after deducting expenses such as upkeep and taxes. Rent prices in Australia are sky-high right now so you can expect amazing returns.

Save on your tax bill by claiming expenses such as renovations and offsetting any potential losses against your taxable income.

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Finding the perfect investment loan is just as important as finding the perfect property. Here at MYNT we'll carefully consider your situation and develop an appropriate strategy for you.

What is an investor loan?

An investor property loan can offer you more features and flexibility than a regular home loan. Some items we will take into consideration when assessing the right loan for you are:

Interest-only repayments

Fixed interest rates

Extra repayments

Redraw facilities

We can help you gather information about the local housing market and explain any trends, so that you can make an informed decision about purchasing. Historical data about an area’s value, population changes and projections, average rental returns and fluctuations over the last few years can give you a better idea of whether or not you want to make that all important investment decision.

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No matter if you’re buying your first property or looking to create a portfolio, MYNT Financial has the tools and resources that can help make financing an investment property as straightforward as possible.Download our FREE Investing in Property Guide by entering a few details below.

Using your existing equity to invest with potentially no deposit!

Many owner-occupiers don’t think they can afford to invest in property whilst paying off the mortgage on their own home. This is a misconception as there are some great advantages to investing that can make building your nest egg easy.


Of course, everything depends on your particular circumstance so an individual assessment is required. What exactly is covered in an equity review? MYNT Financial can schedule a complimentary equity review. What’s covered:

An assessment of how much equity is in your current home or investment

Equity best practice. When to use it and how to use it. (Yes, timing is important)

How to buy a property with 100% equity with potentially no money out of your pocket.

Can you use your equity to renovate your current home or purchase another investment?

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