How to get a home loan when you are self-employed.

When you’re self employed, you may not have the income and employment documentation that most nine to five Australians do. Most lenders aren’t risk takers. And unfortunately since you may not have proof of a guaranteed pay cheque, you present something of a repayment risk in their minds. For that reason they may try and charge you more in interest – which is one of the most frustrating self employed home loan challenges.

Luckily buying a home when you’re self employed (and not being ripped off on your home loan) is very much possible – you just need the right advice and strategy.

Having a professional negotiator and mortgage expert by your side (who specialise in this space) should be your first step. Mynt Finance deals directly with dozens of lenders, we know how they work and we know how to find the most suitable home loan for you – without the sky-high interest rates.

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Download our ultimate guide to self-employed loans. A playbook for self employed borrowers

Commercial Finance

Given our strong lender relationships we also know how lenders work, what they look for and what they need from you.

Reasons to borrow for business

You’re looking to expand

Getting your inventory right

Keeping the cash flowing

You need new equipment

Refinance your existing business loan

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The Mynt team is made of specialist brokers who have forayed into commercial finance. They’re experts in their field, and can help you find a commercial mortgage that suits your individual needs including:

Working capital finance

Loans to purchase a business or franchise

Inventory finance

Equipment and Vehicle fiance

Commercial Real Estate Finance – Property and Development

We can help you prepare your loan application, find the best option for your needs and ensure it’s completed in a timely manner so that you can get on with your business.Our understanding of how your finance is structured and the criteria lenders use to assess applications means we can help ensure the process is as quick and hassle-free as possible.

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