If you've been held back from your homeownership dreams because of a ‘genuine savings’ hurdle, it's time to revisit your options.

Mynt Financial has access to a lender that opens up exciting possibilities for aspiring homeowners.

🤔 What’s Changed?

In the past, you had to prove that 5% of the purchase price was sitting in your account for a minimum of three months. But now, the game has changed! You can now demonstrate that you have 5% of the funds from an acceptable source, and it’s good to go! 💰✅

🔍 What Are Acceptable Sources?

The bank understands that saving for a home can take various forms. You can now use funds from sources like gifts, inheritances, tax refunds, or even a financial windfall to meet the Genuine Savings requirement.

💼 We’re Here to Help!

As your trusted mortgage broker, we’re committed to helping you navigate these changes and secure the home loan you deserve. Your dream home may be closer than you think! 

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