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Redefine Your Team's Financial Future

The past few years have been a challenge in so many ways for many when it comes to their finance. With 13 interest rate rises this did leave many people feeling the strain of their financial situation and unsure how to address their money issues.

Did you know that employees who have a mortgage are 8 times more
likely to have sleepless nights, they are 7 times more likely not to finish their daily tasks at work if they have money worries and 60% of employees said they would be more likely to stay at a job if their employer offered financial wellness benefits!

Mynt Financial are offering Financial Wellness sessions, providing coaching,
knowledge, tips and tools to help your employees to get on top of their money issues and feel financially fit.

A free seminar in work time will not only bring the team together, but will also
provide them with invaluable financial education, adding value to your team.

In the last 12 months, Mynt Financial has conducted many workplace sessions both face to face and online on topics such as, 

– Getting on top of your finances and budget

– Is your home loan working for you? Lenders/structures & rate

– Buying your first home: How much can I borrow & what deposit do I need?

– Purchasing an investment property – where do I start?

When you’re on top of your finances, everything in life feels smoother. Why not treat your employees to the invaluable gift of financial education? Host some engaging lunch and learn sessions to help get them financially fit for the year ahead.

Book a time to chat to Kristy about how a ‘Financial wellness session’could be run in your workplace.

Money Matters Made Simple

Our wellness service offering

Mortgage and protection ‘Lunch and Learn’ sessions

Short 30-minute presentations during lunch breaks.

Access to information, tips and calculators

Financial well-being emails to be sent at a frequency to suit you

Advice drop in sessions at your premises

Mortgage and protection ‘Lunch and Learn’ sessions Short 30-minute presentations during lunch breaks.

We come to you!

Face to face or telephone mortgage appointments at a time that suits

Mynt finanical wellness program

Topics we can cover

Ways to mortgage quicker

Cashbacks for changing banks - what’s the catch?

Buying an investment property

Savings for your first home

Best digital apps to monitor your finances

Will your current lender drop their rate?

Refinancing icon

Should you refinance? Is it worth it? What deals are available?

Paying off credit cards and consolidating debt

who are we?

A bit about us

Over the past decade, MYNT Financial has consistently ranked in the top 1% of elite brokerages nationwide. Whether we’re empowering first-time homebuyers, strategizing loans for property investment, facilitating smooth transitions in housing needs, consolidating debt, or guiding individuals through refinancing to save money, choosing MYNT Financial means selecting a dedicated partner committed to providing hands-on advice to make your financial journey stress-free.

In the last five years, we’ve passionately pioneered a niche by introducing a tailored employee benefit service designed specifically for mid to large-sized enterprises. This specialized service, focused on enhancing the well-being of your workforce, has not only experienced rapid growth but has also become incredibly popular. By choosing MYNT Financial, employers are investing in a holistic wellness program that prioritizes the financial health and security of their valuable team members.

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