Saving the Day. This Week’s $4.5k savings with Mynt Financial

Our mission is to go above and beyond for our clients, ensuring that we leave no stone unturned when it comes to finding ideal mortgage solutions. 

This week @Mynt Financial. 

The Challenge: We encountered a scenario where one of our clients found themselves unable to refinance their mortgage due to various circumstances. Despite their efforts, they were locked into a rate of 6.35%pa, which was taking a toll on their monthly budget and long-term financial plans. 

Escalating and negotiating, understanding the importance of securing a better rate for our clients, we sprang into action. 

First, we engaged in direct communication with our clients’ mortgage provider who were extremely reluctant to budge.
Armed with extensive knowledge and experience in the industry our team approached the discharge team, presenting a compelling case for a lower interest rate that would better align with current market conditions and offer our clients significant savings.

Our efforts paid off! Through persistent negotiation and unwavering determination, we successfully secured a reduced interest rate of 5.99%pa for our clients. This seemingly small percentage point drop translated into substantial savings, with our clients now saving an impressive $4.5K each year in interest payments alone.

By proactively taking charge of the situation and advocating for our clients, we demonstrated the value of having a dedicated and experienced mortgage broker in their corner. Despite being unable to refinance their mortgage, our commitment to serving our clients’ best interests led us to explore alternative avenues and achieve an outcome that far exceeded their expectations.



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